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About Me & My Story

Hi! I'm Evangelia and welcome to my site!

Let me share a little bit about myself. I am a very creative person and love to create all kinds of magical things with my hands since I was very young child! I love to make people laugh, I love to dance, I love to write and I love to help others feel joy! I have always loved to make others embrace their authentic selves and love the person God created them to be! It's always been my passion to make others feel better whether that was through laughter, hair and beauty services, a creative personal craft or their dream cake! Now my latest passion is to help heal broken hearts, release traumas, guide others on how to get healthy through diet, detox and mindset change and use the magic in my hands to bring peace and calmness to their souls.

I've been on a self discovery and spirit seeking journey most of my life. It all began when I was 18 years old while sitting silently on my mothers bed. I experienced my first supernatural, Spiritual and enlightening experience. Something that was more real than anything I had ever experienced before.


I wasn't always a person of faith or fully followed the religion I was raised with. I was either too checked out to care or I was overly curious and wanting to seek more about God. I dabbled in many things up until my darkest day arrived. It was the power of surrender that first saved my life back in 2000 when I was being led down a dark path of addiction and abuse.


The day I learned the power of surrender was the day I became a spirit seeker and turned to God and surrender during all my cross roads and my darkest days. The power of surrender gave me my husband aka soulmate, my children ( the ones I was told I'd never conceive due to infertility issues and Endometriosis ) my sobriety from years of addiction ( due to my unresolved traumas ), and my wellness after battling Lyme Disease.


Today I've turned sharing my struggles and how I overcame them all, into my passion as A motivational and inspirational Speaker! I am A Writer, Non-Toxic Health & Beauty Product Creator, Holistic Wellness Advocate, Non-Toxic Cosmetologist, Holistic Life Transformational Coach, Mindset Reset Coach, Host for Healing Retreats Off The Grid, Energy/light/Body Worker, Cellular Healer, and last but not least, a Vessel for God's message to help empower others to take their power back, in a Holistic way.

My mission is to help you connect with your true, authentic self. To help empower you to live out your true purpose as the best version of yourself and to reach your full potential. It is my passion to teach you how sacred your body truly is and how to honor it as a sacred temple.

There are many ways I can help you, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.

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