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Policy & Agreement

Evangelia Vensel's

Name: _________________________________________ DOB:_____________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________

Phone #:____________________________________  Email:_____________________________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________




By joining an Empowering Your Vitality Coaching Program for 3 months of support, mentorship, and accountability, designed for powerful healing and  breakthroughs.  

Your program begins week of _________ and ends on the week of__________




This program includes email support within reason, in-between sessions.




You are responsible for full payment of fees for the entire program regardless of whether you actually attend or complete the program, and regardless of whether you have selected to  invest in full or pay with a payment plan.  

By signing this document, you agree that if for any reason you choose to remove or cancel yourself out of the program prior to the end date, you are obligated to pay, or continue paying any outstanding balance.  

To further clarify, no refunds will be issued and all scheduled payments must be paid on a timely basis whether you complete the program or not. 



After your initial Discovery Session you may schedule 8 coaching sessions as you like during the duration of your program. Coaching sessions are 60-75 minutes  and are on the phone. You are responsible for booking your sessions through my scheduling site:



I am available for email support between our scheduled sessions, and enjoy providing this extra level of service, depending on the program you signed up for at this email:

Email guidelines:  

• I answer emails most promptly Tuesdays through Thursdays. If you email me  Friday through Monday, please understand I may not be able to respond as  quickly.  

• Please do not email me a book. Bottom line your questions so I can answer  them quickly. Please use separate paragraphs, bullets, underline, and bold text  to help me find the most important parts of your email. 



Reach out anytime for a quick, 15-minute laser call. These calls are intended to  answer a quick question or share a success. Please understand that I will limit the time to 15 minutes. Laser calls are forfeited if not used before your program ends. 



I will never sell or distribute your address, phone numbers or email addresses or  any other information you provide. Additionally, I will not share anything we  discuss with others without your permission, except under the legal obligations  listed in our coaching agreement below. You are welcome to share that you are working with me and anything we discuss with whomever you like.




By signing below, you agree that I ( Evangelia Vensel ) may terminate this agreement at my sole discretion and limit, suspend, or remove any participant from continuing the program, at any time and without refund if the participant becomes  disruptive or difficult to work with.  


I ( Evangelia Vensel ) have made every effort to accurately represent this program and its potential benefits. Results can and do vary, therefore, I make no guarantees. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that  anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on many factors including but not limited to, her background,  dedication, starting point in her life, desire and motivation.

Evangelia Vensel’s Program Agreements  

  • Be open and willing to be coached and receive guidance and  feedback. 

  • Show up to your coaching sessions on time and if you need  to cancel, please provide at least 24 hours notice. 

  • Communicate openly and respectfully. Know that  communication will never be met with anger, but with the  desire to work things out. Choose to communicate before  becoming resentful or disappearing.  

  • Take full responsibility for your choices, attitudes and  behaviors.  

  • Understand that your coaching results are based on  how fully you are willing to  

  • Participate and do the work.  

  • Advocate for yourself. You are responsible for your experience. If I say or do something that upsets  you, tell me right away so I can try to make it  

better. If you are stuck, let me know so I can help.  

  • Evangelia Vensel's coaching programs and materials are  proprietary. Re-use or redistribution of any  

material is prohibited without written consent.





I understand that Evangelia Vensel is not licensed to deal with certain crisis, including child abuse, potential suicide, and physical harm to others or property, Evangelia will report any incidents to the proper authorities. Only under these circumstances, or as  otherwise legally mandated, will determines therapy would be more appropriate than coaching, she may terminate our coaching relationship at her sole discretion. In this case, a pro-rata refund will be given for the remaining program.  

I understand that I am participating in a program that may result in changing how others perceive me and how I perceive myself. I understand that my current relationships may change, positively or negatively, as a result of my work with Evangelia.  

I understand that coaching homework and activities are suggested and it is my choice to agree or disagree to all assignments. I will discuss any concerns with Evangelia.  

I understand that Evangelia is here to guide me, however, I am ultimately responsible for any and all decisions I make during or as a result of my work with her.  

I take full responsibility for my choices and behaviors during, and as a result of working with Evangelia.  

On behalf of myself, my heirs and assigns I release Evangelia Vensel from all financial,  legal, physical, or psychological impact that results from my participation in this coaching program as well as any claim for failure to produce the results I intended.  

Please sign and date below indicating that you accept and agree to the above program  policies, agreement and liability release.  

Date: ________________ 

Print name:____________________________________________

Sign name:____________________________________________

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