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Blocked on social media for being a truth seeker and Gods warrior.

I’ve come to the conclusion that after all this time of being censored, shadow banned and being blocked on social media, it’s like a blessing in disguise. Its a form of validation for being Gods warrior and messenger of truth.

It’s been helping me bestow more persistence, an unwavering focus and intensity of feelings.

Like a gift of strength to move mountains with my will for what I love.

This is giving me an opportunity to be given more guidance by God and the holy spirit, even if it seems the world has power over me and my beliefs, it'll help me conquer even more obstacles.

This is serving my souls growth which is a blessing. It's giving me the chance to help develop more faith in my principles and trust in the power of my beliefs.

It's giving me an extraordinary strength within me and I realize I have enough willpower to keep working towards my dream. Gods will.

Love is the power that can conquer anything.

I am here to shine my light. Others can choose to use my light to see by until they are ready to discover their own inner light-or not. I‘m learning to step back and not worry about it as much. I need to simply live my truth, trust in my heartfelt beliefs and devote myself to more love.

I have a strong and special connection to religion and love. I am being guided to hold the healing power of love in my heart for all those who are evolving through their own life experience involving religious practice. I’m here to help counterbalance the judgment and fear that exists in the hearts of many towards religions that are not their own or that have been the vehicle through which abuse has taken place. I believe religion and spirituality, on this planet at this time, needs love, support and encouragement to evolve, heal and grow in whatever way ultimately serves divine love, our God, the creator of all things and who is all love. Being a warrior for God and following Christ’s lead is what keeps me going in a dark world full of evil, lies and deception.

With all the false programming and lies being revealed, it might be the perfect time to get deprogrammed, and unlearn what you’ve been taught to be true. It is what God requires from us. To seek truth, to speak truth, to walk truth and to be truth. It’s not an easier path but a much more fulfilling and rewarding Path.

I now accept my own free will, the blessings and grace of God, the blessings of his will, strength, purpose and the miraculous power of loving belief. I choose to keep my mind open and my heart soft, my will powerful and my actions true.

May truth and kindness prevail and passionate idealism be tempered by mercy, for the greatest good. So be it.


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Stan Bruner
Stan Bruner
20 feb. 2021



Stan Bruner
Stan Bruner
20 feb. 2021


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