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Life in remission after Lyme

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Hello warriors!!!

I haven’t written a blog in a while and my intuition has been screaming at me to write one! I really haven’t shared what my life has been like since I reached remission in February 2019!

I will never forget that glorious day! And I have continued to have cleaner blood with each passing blood test to monitor the activity of my cells, my immune system, my blood and all the rest that goes along with staying in remission.

I’ve heard many stories of others that have reached remission only to hear they got sick again or it came back. How is that even possible? If they eradicated it all the first time they claimed to be in remission then the only way by another infected bite or catching it again which is a bit unlikely. I honestly don’t believe they really cleared their body fully of the spirochetes if it came back. Especially because we don’t have proper testing to prove it here in the states. Unless you have your blood looked at under a dark field test.Thats what’s so damn tricky with this intelligent bacteria. It knows how to hide and bury itself deeper into the tissues, nerves, bones and brain so its hard for most testing in the states to accurately test it. Many take years of antibiotics, have their symptoms suppressed and believe they’re good only to be attacked all over again when they get exposed to life stressors, trauma or emotional stress. The bacteria has been waiting to come out and play again if you didn’t fully eradicate it. They are smart little fuckers..

By my second round in October 2018, my dark field blood test showed the spirochetes had made their way out of my cells and into my blood! Which was a miracle! I was sent home with a strong biofilm buster and more detoxing herbs. I swore to God I thought I was dying and maybe had made the wrong choice. I was herxing so bad. I was sicker then I was to begin with. But my amazing Dr informed me I was going through the most eradication phase. My body was fighting back and in total killing mode. It was kicking Lymes ass to the curb! But I felt like Lyme was kicking my ass. Just the knowing in that, that that’s what was happening gave me more power back to stay the course and hang in there. I buckled up even tighter and hung on for dear life! I knew I was going to heal. I uploaded the new beliefs that My body was going to conquer anything and had the ability to do exactly what it needed to do to get me there. I had people waiting for me to heal so I could help them take their power back!

That phase lasted for about 6 weeks. Then things began to subside and it got a hell of a lot better! PHEW! Anyone that says or claims treatment feels good is lying to you. Does a cancer patient feel amazing after their treatments? NO! So why would ours be any different? Cancer and Lyme treatments are basically one and the same when you take the holistic route but America will never acknowledge that. That was the most painful chapter in my treating journey. By my 3rd round in February, my dark field results showed my first clear blood test and cells were clear! My immune system was working in full gear, my adrenals had been reversed, my gut issues and Lyme pain had left, my nervous system was good. I was so happy that day! I’ve been floating on a pink cloud ever since! I’ve had a total of 3 clear tests since then!

So let me get into what my life has been like ever since that day! Some of it is pretty sad, negative and heartbreaking but a lot more of it has been good. Let me start with the bad.

The day I claimed remission and shared it with the lyme community and social media…that was the day about 80% of the community turned on me. Horrible lies and rumors being said about me. False stories and accusations. I was being called all kinda of nasty, negative things. A liar, a scam, a fake, an attention whore, an evil witch, someone thats working for the devil and that I was apparently getting paid by the clinic that saved my life. They were telling others that I was a paid marketer/promoter and that I was never sick. It was sick..I couldn’t believe this was happening by the very same people that became my friends when I came out that I had lyme. I thought they were my soul tribe. Boy was I wrong. I was then blocked from all but 2 lyme fb groups and all of those people blocked me. About a 4th of my IG followers unfollowed me once I began healing and switching my posts from victim mode posts to positive survivor posts. Some were making posts slandering me and saying things like, “ If she thinks she’s healed, then someone needs to put that bitch in a psych ward” WTH? For real? All because I found a way to heal? So messed up.

I mean I haven’t even begun to share my stories of all my bullying days. Thats all going in my book I am writing. Idk what it is about me but I’ve been getting bullied since the first day of kindergarten all the way up to the beauty school days and the salon world. Even from other parents from my kids school. Dang, even the schools staff were rude. People can be so cruel and I’ve had a good taste of it. But all that began to change when I began drinking personalized encoded frequency water for the negative energy I was carrying and putting out into my energy field. So for me this form of bullying was the worst and most painful. It was a complete shock to my system and would cause me flare ups every time I got on social media. I get it, sick people have sick minds but for god sakes, I was never a mean sick person and I always cheered the ones on that healed.I wanted to be their cheerleader! Shouldn’t we all be cheering each other on? I mean, if this were cancer, I’m pretty sure the community wouldn’t be shitting on me or pissing on my flame. They’d be throwing coals to feed my flame or holding the torch for me verses trying to distinguish my new light. It was awful.

This was when I realized how grateful I was for creating my own chronic illness community support FB page. I was not going to let them dull my new shine. I wanted to scream my healing journey at the top of my lungs on top of a mountain top. I actually did just that when me and my family celebrated my remission in Hawaii in May 2019. I climbed my own mountain, reached to the top and screamed like a lion all I needed to get out! I AM IN REMISSION AND REMISSION IS HERE TO STAY! WOOHOOO! FORGET ALL YOU NAY SAYERS AND ALL YOU NON BELIEVERS IN HEALING, I DID IT BITCHES!!! Felt so good to defy the odds and to prove them all wrong! I will continue to too just for the sake of their false beliefs of Lyme and healing a complex illness holistically! I call it winning and many hate on the ones that win at life. Thats kinda human nature isn't it? Thats what I have learned being alive for almost 42 years.

Whats really shitty is all the sufferers I helped guide, support, keep from killing themselves. All straight from my heart and soul. The money I donated to go funds me’s. The tools I bought for those that couldn’t afford it…all turned on me and screwed me. Back stabbed me with swords. LESSON LEARNED. Haters are wolves dressed is sheep clothing. Its not my fault they can’t be happy for others that found their healing path. It’s not my fault they’re not willing to take another route when their own route is keeping them stuck and sick living on a hamster wheel. To each their own. I know now the majority of this lyme community would rather own and identify with the illness as a second gain. Just poor me, I’m sicker then you like some kind of competition? Illness should NEVER be a competitive thing and those that do see it that way obviously need to do some mindset work. They want to stay victims and just complain all day yet never want to put in the work. They want to talk only about their symptoms over and over again like a broken record. They live and THrive off the negative energy. It’s called an impaired limbic system but no one wants to do the work? And you wonder why they’re chronic? Thats on them. Not me. But they sure wanted me to take the blame. For what? For healing? Man, I could go on and on about the negative energy and trauma loop Lymies are stuck in. It’s why I wanted out. Why I began seeking out of the box methods for my belief system and real healing without meds. It was dooms day 24/7 all over FB and IG so I stopped following the poor me’s. I did not want to be anything like them. Its was a trauma loop I had to break free from. Most Lyme pages won't even post anything if it has to with alternative sad.

I know the difference now. I am not a victim. I am a fucking survival warrior. Crazy how those poor me posts get thousands of more likes and have thousands more followers. That’s fine. That’s not my tribe. I attract those that want out of their misery, traumatic cycle of pain and suffering. The ones that are ready to surrender and make a positive change. I see how more like suffering then hope. The longer you've suffered, the louder your complains are, the more famous you become on social media. I'm not trying to leave behind a reputation for being a sufferer. I want to leave behind bravery, strength, authenticity, hope, inspiration, belief, motivation and empowerment.

So let me switch gears here and share with you all the glory and wonderful things that has manifested from healing and taking my own power back!

First I wanna say what an amazing real soul family I gained by staying the course of sharing my healing journey authentically! They’re all like powerful, positive praying warriors seeking truth and believe in holistic healing like me! We support each other in the most uplifting and positive way! It’s like having earth angels praying for you non stop even when you don’t ask! I’ve never in all my 41 and half years of life have ever experienced such a loving community like this. It’s so empowering! Thats the name of my Fb group too! Empowering Healing Warriors! It’s grown to about 1,400 like minded people! It’s been amazing!

Second, Im finally growing my energy healing practice! During this last year I’ve attended many healing workshops, spiritual healing courses, energy healing classes/courses and become a Certified Psych-K facilitator to do brain rewiring, subconscious reprogramming and trauma release! I wanted to become a healer that could do all the things that helped me the most during my own healing journey. Changing my core belief system, changing the perception of my negative events, releasing my early unresolved childhood trauma, removing my trapped emotions, keeping my energy centers open and flowing along with healing my inner wounded child was the most profound thing my body needed in order to fully heal and get to remission from late stage lyme. My Dr even confirmed that working on my mindset, changing my negative beliefs and healing my trauma was the main reason my body accepted the treatments so well. I am one of the fastest healing patients he’s ever worked on that had late stage lyme and the health issues I had. So little to say my old belief system and not healing my emotional trauma was blocking my body from wanting to heal or accept any form of treatment. All my Dr’s, alternative practitioners and my tribe look at me like I am some miracle but what’s a miracle to me is Psych-K and the profound shifts it made for my life as a whole.

Having energy healing was so amazing too. So many don’t even consider this form of healing when suffering with a chronic illness. Because they can’t see it, they don’t believe it when in reality the things we can’t see are actually more powerful than the things our eyes can see. Having all negative energetic cords cut from my body created a huge shift in my life. I was no longer attached to others that were not serving me in a positive way or were too toxic for me to be around. It was a total game changer for me because I’ve grown up in a very toxic family with toxic beliefs. I had made so many stupid mistakes while under the influence of pharmaceutical drugs and drinking from trying to escape my pain that I made everything and everyone around me toxic. I ruined relationships and broke my relationship with my siblings. But even when I did the work to heal and make myself better, I was chasing for their approval. I was begging for their love and trying to do everything in my power to change so that I would never make the same mistakes again. I wanted to grow and prove to my family I am no longer that person but it was too late and it didn’t matter to them. The damage was done yet I continued to press on them to be in my life even when they were treating me like shit and constantly reminding me of my mistakes and judging me for everything I did. It was never good enough and to them, I’ll never change. So when I had those cords cut… holy moly! I was freed from the chains they had around my neck. Like a dog chained to a tree. I was chained up and they were beating me and throwing rocks. I even got a horrible concussion for speaking up and standing up for myself. The cords being cut was like a butterfly that was stuck in a cocoon thats been ready to fly but stuck. Oh man did I fly!!! My soul was set free!!

After all the negative and toxic people and things that were removed from my life, its like I had a new platform to start over. To be me. My anthemic self thats been dying to come out! I made time for more self care, lots of mindfulness and meditation to tap into the universe and my guides. To pay attention to the messages God was giving me to keep pressing forward. I still have my visions I shared in my previous blogs that still guide me with my purpose. I have to fulfill Gods will. To help remove the trauma and darkness from others and to bring them to the light. God helped me find all the ways to do just that since I was so filled with it. It’s like my whole life journey of trauma, mistakes and pain was preparing me for my life purpose and duty, now that I got a second shot at life! It was kinda the deal I made with God when I surrendered my illness and my will for his on march 2018. He led me to my healing so now I have to do what I was told. The day my path took on a whole new route. A route I never knew existed. BRAIN REWIRING, ENERGY HEALING, ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY, FREQUENCY HEALING, ALTERNATIVE DETOXING and STEM CELLS!

It’s so weird that I'd been in therapy since I was 18 with many psychiatrists and I never got past my shit. It’s like I was sitting on a couch playing a broken record to each Dr for over 20 years. Trying every med they had to calm the storm. NOTHING HELPED OR WORKED. I think now that I was actually being re-traumatized at each session. Thousands of dollars down the damn drain, relationships ruined and massive damage from the pharmaceuticals. So basically in order for me to heal I had to unlearn and undo everything I knew, had been taught and the beliefs I was uploaded with about healing from the lyme and mold illness community. God showed me a way out. Ways to take my healing power back and how to help heal others! That to me is so empowering. I had no idea my own trauma I had lived through and conquered would relate to so many others in the world. I guess I truly know many, many levels of suffering. I know who the people God wants me to seek out and help. The lost souls in the world. The black sheep, the misfits, the misunderstood, the abandoned ones, the unsupported ones, the ones that have been abused, the ones suffering from any kind of mental or physical pain, truth seekers, and those that want to take their own power back!

To be able to facilitate all these energy healing modalities for others has be so empowering and validating. To hear peoples results and the shifts taking place in their life and with whatever they are struggling with was validation I am doing exactly was Gods will was and is for me. After my 4th round in Mexico my radionics test showed massive extra healing energy frequency in my energy field. My Dr and all his practitioners all looked at me like I was some powerful healer and all told me I had to go out into the world and help heal others with this extra energy I have! I was like…WHAAAT? Uh…ok! So I am doing just that and the results are amazing! I mean I always knew I was an empath and very intuitive with visual manifesting power along with being able to reach others with just intent so I guess this all sealed the deal for me and allowed me to step fully into my power of healing others authentically! It’s working! I am changing and transforming lives and its EPIC AF!

I truly believe we all have gifts for healing. We just need to tap into it and believe in it. I always fought off my gifts but not anymore! I believe when we begin to create a sacred space for ourselves like with mindfulness, prayer and meditation, it all comes to us. I am here to help teach you how to create that scared place for your own wisdom to be revealed and to find your authentic self! Being able to help others now that I am no longer fighting has been like a dream come true! I want to help you take your power back and live out your dreams too! We all have that ability! SEEK IT and you shall find!

Last but not least I am now manifesting on being a public speaker, seeking outlets I can speak and share my story! I am searching for an actual physical place to facilitate creative healing, a place to sell all holistic, alternative products and tools for healing! I am also working on a new mindset reset, soul love healing 45 day challenge with your own personalized encoded frequency water, Psych-K belief changes and a regime to follow daily that will transform you! What a better way to start your new year? I want to share all the goodness and all the things that helped me transform my life that helped me take my bodies own healing power back. I am so beyond excited for the people that join and sign up for the challenge because receiving Psych-K to help delete and upload new subconscious beliefs into their own program is life changing! All these things put all together can without a doubt totally transform a person!! I am so happy and thrilled I am in a place to be able to give back!

So little to say life has been magical to me! Even with all the ups and downs. I know now everything in life and the people in it are here as our life teachers and lessons. Life and our experiences is our classroom for learning and growing. Our bodies are like machines! We are the highest frequency machine there is. Our body sends us messages through symptoms. Our cells only respond to our thoughts. What are your cells hearing? What are you telling yourself? It's pretty amazing how theres a way to find out what those messages are! Its amazing how our own bodies have the answers we are seeking and can tells us what we need in order to heal! THE BODY NEVER LIES! I muscle test every single thing in my life. Places, people, things, food, supplements, methods, modalities, emotions...EVERYTHING! I don't make a move without asking my body first!

I will admit I have down days but only when I give out too much of my energy. My body is still being repaired from a car accident in 2013 that I believe was my trip wire to my body giving out and allowing a bacteria to take over. The accident affected my chiari-malformation and caused major head and brain trauma, neck, shoulder, spine, back and lumbar issues but its getting so much better with the help of stem cells! It's a whole different feeling when your body isn't in fight or flight from fear and depression along with my system not fighting an invader anymore. Like night and day. So the inner part of me is fully healed. My mind and soul have healed but my physical body is still a work in progress from all the damage. To not be bedridden is a dream. To not have fatigue is unreal. To not have chronic fevers, stomach and digestive issues, migraines, nerve pain, panic attacks, anxiety, heart palpitations, depression, achy joints, blurry vision, nausea, dizziness, brain fog, memory loss, chemical sensitivity IS EVERYTHING to me! I'll take what I can get and this for me is more then enough and more then I ever could have dreamed of!

So PLEASE NEVER take in the belief that healing doesn’t exist. I’ll be here to prove it to you and remind you to surrender. To take a chance on yourself. To invest in yourself. You and your life are priceless and valuable. Read that again. Your thoughts and beliefs become you. Become who you want to be! It’s time to take your power back!

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to read my blog about my life after lyme and what life in remission has been like for me! I hope it gives you hope and inspires you to take your healing power back and reminds you that your life and your battle makes you a brave survival warrior! Keep fighting, never give up, have hope, seek inspiration and have faith and a belief that you will win. Because if I can, so can you! It’s your turn and I’m here if you need help with that! God bless all you fighting souls out there! I honor your battle! Stay strong and never give in. The day we stop trying is the day we lose. Xoxo

With love and light,

Evangelia Vensel aka Holistic Lyme warrior survivor

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