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Total Transformation Program

The ultimate way to take your power back in every way!

  • 1 h 35 min
  • 4th Avenue West

Service Description

This coaching package offers you one on one, weekly sessions with personal support and guidance to release anything that is blocking you on a cellular level. We release any traumas and negative events that are still sabotaging you, your body, spirit. Then I teach you how to take your own power back with self healing modalities, like clearing and aligning our own energy centers, how to transform your own false beliefs into positive self serving beliefs, how to release negative attachments, how to get out of fight or flight, how to stop a trigger, how to change your cells vibration, how to activate your visualization skills so you can become a super attractor for manifesting your desires and goals and how to reprogram and calm your own nervous system. We come up with the ultimate self healing regimen that fits your lifestyle and goals so you can take your power back in every way! Self empowerment, self love and self healing is the goal! You ignite the healer within you and become the best version of yourself as I cheer you on along the way!!

Contact Details

  • 11314 4th Avenue West, Everett, WA, USA

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