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pemf pulsed electromagnetic field wellness

PEMF - The Energy Nutrient

What is Pulse Therapy?

Every cell in your body needs energy.

Healthy cells, with the right ingredients, make their own. Overtime, some cells lose the ability to function properly and don't make enough energy which causes pain and other symptoms to develop. This may be due to injury, toxins, infections, nutrient deficiencies, even emotional traumas. Much like your multi-vitamin  supplement provides your body with the nutrients and minerals your body needs each day, PEMF therapy provides your body with the electrons it needs for optimal cellular function.

Just like a nutrient, if you have been deficient in electrons for months, years, or even decades, it is going to take a while to replenish every cell with what it has been missing for a very long time. And just like a multi-vitamin, every time you take it - it helps!

Think of PEMF like you would think of a nutritional supplement. It's a method of providing your body with something that's missing.

If you are a fairly healthy person and you have had a recent issue, you probably won't need a lot of PEMF therapy sessions to reach your wellness goals and desires. But if you had chronic illness and challenges that you have been struggling with for months or years, you will see the best results with long term, regular PEMF sessions.

To enhance your experience with PEMF, please drink plenty of water prior to your session.

I am here to help you to achieve your wellness goals!

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