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Hair Styling

Holistic Beauty

What is Holistic Beauty?

Holistic Beauty is being conscious of the things you do for your beauty regimen and the products you put on your body and hair that don't include toxic ingredients and chemicals that can lead to health issues and negative side affects. All products used for all beauty services are pure, organic, non-toxic. and some are handmade by Evangelia, Owner, and Master stylist.

Our skin is the biggest organ we have. Our skin is constantly absorbing everything and is our shield of protection from harmful radicals. The less chemicals and cellular harming ingredients in your products, the longer life span you are gifting your cells so they can stay in their natural, regenerative state, and in reparative mode.

Our cells only respond to vibrations which is why Photon light, frequency water, sound, and pulse therapies send voltage and charge to any damaged cell in the skin and whole body that can help slow down the aging process. 

Making the switch from using toxic skin and hair products to non-toxic, organic hair and skin products can be a transformative experience for you, your hair and your skin.

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