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How changing my limiting beliefs with Psych K got me past my PTSD and Lyme disease.

Updated: May 9, 2019

This method was the only method that helped me get passed my PTSD. I've had over 20 years of traditional therapy for my trauma and nothing was easier then having a Psych K session. No needing to go back down the damn rabbit hole to get through all my battles.. That alone for me was traumatizing me over and over again. I mean what the hell man? What the hell was it going to take? How many freaking years, sessions and meds can a human go through before we can make a dang break through? I mean really though? When one is doing all they possibly can to get well and passed their trauma so they don't have to relive it all the time, you'd think a damn DR would figure it out? Nope, never did.

Never in all my years of trying did I think a simple method like Psych K would change my whole world and give me my power back and It opened up the healing wisdom of my body! watch this video and learn the power of Psych K


Truth behind how powerful our thought are!

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