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We are voltage

Chronic disease occurs when we lose the ability to make new cells.

Did you know that we are constantly wearing out our cells and replacing them? We get new cones in our retina and replace the lining of our gut every 2-3 days. We replace our skin every 6 weeks and our liver every 8 weeks. Our creator didn't make any mistakes in how we were made.

Chronic disease is always defined as having a lack of energy, oxygen, and low voltage in the cells.

We cannot cure any chronic disease without inserting enough electrons to achieve proper cellular function. We must also have access to materials and methods that bring a positive charge to our cells like vibrational therapies, light therapies, sound therapies, pulse therapies, and stem cell therapies to help make new cells and to help the body eliminate the toxins or infections present that will damage the new cells.

You can take all the medications you like and do as many surgeries as you like, but you will not heal unless you can make new cells with the right materials, and the lack of toxins.

Without the ability to repair cells and the necessary materials to make new cells, you cannot maintain your health.

This is how the body begins to degenerate versus regenerate. Suffering begins, aging happens faster, and chronic disease. When the cells are lacking, they are unable to repair injuries, and deep scarring wounds can also lead the body to chronic disease. The location of a scar from an injury or surgery creates a lack of charge and voltage which causes a chronic disruption in that meridian of the body.

Breaking up scar tissue and recharging those affected cells can make a huge positive impact on the rest of the body.

We don't need drugs to heal. What we need is to make new cells that work to heal us. To make good cells, we need voltage. That can be done by using vibrational therapies, eating the right high-vibrational foods as fuel, and detoxing properly to help remove toxins from your body that damage cells and make you obese.

Once we begin to understand that chronic disease and healing are controlled by voltage in our cells, we have to be willing to ask ourselves the following questions.....

  1. How are my cells normally getting voltage and energy?

  2. How do my cells store voltage and energy?

  3. What was the root cause of my low voltage and energy that allowed me to get sick?

  4. How do I measure the voltage and energy of my organs?

  5. What do I do when I discover my voltage is low?

Several bad things begin to take place in the body when voltage drops. The obvious one is that the organs simply don't have enough fuel to do their job. Another is that the cells don't have the energy to get rid of toxic waste, which begins to accumulate.

As an alternative health practitioner and quantum healer, I have many ways to measure the voltage and offer vibrational methods to give voltage to those low-voltage cells and areas of the body. Vibrational therapies that give positive voltage to damaged cells and get them to repair themselves consist of vibrational tools and methods such as stem cell therapy, pulse PEMF therapy, photon light therapies, and sound therapies.

Pulse PEMF Therapy

Photon Light Therapy tools

Sound Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Low voltage in a person is a pulsing pain. When someone has low voltage, they simply hurt all the time. Thus pain is simply an abnormal voltage. You correct it by correcting the voltage.

Simply put, cells that aren't charged and can't repair themselves are what Holistic practitioners and quantum healers call " dis-ease ". The inability to provide electrons for critical chemical pathways of the cell is part of chronic illness.

Our cells only respond to vibrations. We are like a battery.

What are low, vibrational frequencies?

  1. Toxic foods ( sugar, artificial dyes, gluten, GMO's )

  2. Toxic relationships ( narcissistic, abusive, neglectful, unsupportive )

  3. Toxic environments ( mold, chemicals, fungus, water damage )

  4. Negative visualizations ( movies, shows )

  5. Negative sounds ( music, songs, tunes, podcasts )

  6. Negative activities ( drug/alcohol use, lack of sleep )

  7. Always being of service to others other than yourself.

  8. Self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs

  9. Unresolved traumas

  10. Suppressed emotions

  11. Pharmaceuticals

  12. Lack of detoxing

  13. Too much EMF exposure

By replacing these areas and aspects of your life, you recharge every cell in your body

What are positive replacements?

  1. Cleaner foods

  2. Positive and supportive relationships

  3. Healthy environment

  4. Uplifting, positive visualizations

  5. harmonic, soothing sounds

  6. Sobriety and more hours of sleep

  7. Prioritizing self-care

  8. Change negative beliefs to self-empowering beliefs

  9. Release and resolve traumas

  10. Release emotions

  11. Vibrational therapies for pain

  12. Open up the lymphatic system.

  13. Getting out into nature

We are vibrational beings.

So, if our cells only respond to vibrations then it only makes logical sense how foods, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, relationships, environment, lights, sound, the earth's soil, trees, and just nature alone are all vibrational elements that can recharge and bring voltage to every cell in our body. Our creator created us to be harmonious beings just the way nature was created. Our cells become harmonized grounding with the frequency of the earth. We are the creator's highest frequency and the earth's vibrational voltage can heal us.

After everything I have been through in my body with chronic illness, I have come to the understanding that we are only as healthy and beautiful as the state of our cells. Living in degenerate mode due to low voltage from having so many things go unresolved for too long had me seeking ways to get my body into regenerative mode. Raising my vibration by replacing all the low vibrating things in my life, allowed me to heal and transform my life. I believe we all have this ability because we were all created the same.

I truly believe that true health and real beauty is an inside job, and that begins at a cellular level. When we change the state of our cells, we heal damaged cells and repair our damaged DNA. That is the power of quantum healing with vibrational methods paired with epigenetics for the whole healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

  • Evangelia Vensel, Cellular Health & Beauty Expert

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