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Being a Warrior of God during this Spiritual war.

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I wonder how many believers out there are actually being God's warriors right now during this spiritual war? I wonder if they’ve ever actually really sacrificed their own will, needs, wants, desires, goals, beliefs, and will for the will of Gods? How many believers out there that preach the word of God but don’t actually live what they’re preaching? How many believers are labeling themselves as religious people but aren’t living faithfully? How many think they’re believers but really aren’t? LOTS. More than you could ever imagine. The devil has done well to deceived mankind with a false belief system. This is why we are at war. THIS IS A SPIRITUAL WAR.

Well, I’ve come to find out throughout my own trials and errors of false faith and having a false belief system, was how many false believers there really are amongst us. How many go to church as a show that they’re " Godly people " just because they go to church but don’t live what they’re being preached? So many, and it so sad. Now, please don't mistake what I am saying here. I am not saying my way is the real and only way to believe in God, but what I am saying is, I was awakened to MY truth behind how false MY belief in God was when I surrendered. How misled I was by others, the church I grew up going to and my family's beliefs. All it did was cause more separation from God for me.There are so many fake religious people out there putting up a fake cover on like a costume. I call them sheep dressed in wolves' clothing. They play the almighty, faithful ones, reciting bible verses yet are the most judgmental people that will hold judgment over you. They bully you and pick you apart if you don’t follow their beliefs or don’t attend their church. So if the faithful beliefs that work for you aren’t aligned with theirs’s then you’re not a true believer in God..

Let me make something clear…GOD DOES NOT REQUIRE YOU TO SIT IN A CHURCH TO HAVE FAITH, TO HAVE HIM IN YOUR HEART AND IN YOUR LIFE. Jesus walked the earth and preached anywhere he could for his believers. Never in one place. And His followers followed faithfully. There was no church. THEY BECAME THE CHURCH. As long as you have Christ in your heart you are ALREADY one with God and all his creation. The church is for the beauty of unity and community.

For instance, like how the evil and corrupted Pope mislead the Catholic Church and his believers. The truth that they ( Illuminati ) kept hidden from humanity in the Vatican. It was a day of reckoning for God's people! The truths are finally being revealed and exposed! The now ex-pope and his followers are deceptive satanic, Luciferians ( freemasons, deep state, cabal ) and the people didn’t even know it :( Well, some do now, now that God is finding more ways to awaken his people. The ex-Pope, educational system and the media is how the devil's team works his deception and delusion on the minds and souls of the people. It’s called psychological warfare. And how about those judgmental, overly religious Christians? Not all but many. They’re the best at pointing the finger at you for all the wrongs you’ve ever done in your life, holding them over you, over and over again with hateful words even after you’ve made amends and repented. Even after you’ve made the necessary, positive changes that were needed in order to heal. They still hold your mistakes over you like a dark curse. Never accept you no matter what. I personally don’t find that very Godly or Jesus like. We are all given the chance to be reborn again but the ugly and sad reality is that not all will be willing to accept your new rebirth. This is when God reveals to you who your real accepting family is. He leads you to your soul tribe and your real family. Blood or not, the lord delivers you the family you deserve.

So when I surrendered my life, God sent me earth angels, special people as messengers. They all individually delivered God's gifts as truths and knowledge as messages. It opened up my world to a whole other godly like and pure healing path. And a whole other world full of hidden lies and deception for healing and so much more. He revealed awful, ugly, dark truths that have been hidden from us about the human's ability for good health and real healing. He revealed who the demons were that were responsible for this great deception the world is now seeing. He warned me and showed me visions in the spiritual realm of all this that we are currently experiencing. The visions were horrific and very emotional. I began grieving for humanity and all of Christ's children. This was the beginning of God pulling my eyelids open, even if I didn’t think I was ready, he knew I was. It was the beginning of the lord's way for me to begin seeking the truth about healing, humanity's subconscious belief system, false programming, and revealed who the devil's own demons here on earth were ( Illuminati )

For me, I didn’t truly find or hear the voice of christ till I surrendered my will and life in late 2016 When I wanted to end my life from suffering from Lyme disease, ( while the devil had control over my thoughts ) I figured my life as I knew it was already over. I was already dead. My mind, body, and soul were separated and pulled apart, floating into an abyss of nothingness while on the systems death trap path. A very painful, dark, dark hole with no light or ending in sight. So, I asked God if he was really real and if he actually truly existed, then to reveal his will for me. I know many of you have read my blog “ Surrendering “ about all the times I have surrendered my fears to God and how he replaced them all with love. It’s not easy to fully surrender. It takes a different kind of bravery to surrender. To hold faith and have the conviction that God has a purpose for it all.

Basically this revealed even more truth and the hidden evil darkness about our rulers. God then held my hand even tighter and continued to lead me down the dark scary rabbit hole to seek answers and the proof of all these deceptions. God was done letting his children be tortured in the name of lucifer. He knew the people needed to learn this. He knew my tribe of sufferers needed this truth about healing. Our corrupted ones kept us believing our illness was incurable. These same evil ones are the same ones that have kept cures from us. He placed me onto a path less traveled. I had no direction or map. I allowed the Lord to take the wheel. I had to hold on tight through all the hate from others over this path. It destroyed friendships, relationships, lost Lyme followers, caused me a lot of bullying from the chronic illness community. But I knew it was all for the greater good and that one day when the truth was revealed, people will then know why I did what I did. Taking a road less traveled to beat an incurable disease and go through it all was God's will for me. He needed me to help lead others to their own healing. God gave me armor so I could take the beatings. By the grace of God, those beatings led many others to their own healing. It helped awaken so many to another path. It was worth every harsh, cruel word thrown at me, every fake friendship that ended, and every sleepless night I lost due to hexing from the treatments. Haters really come out to play when you’re achieving something they want.

So, now let me share with you about my latest surrender I’ve had to do during this dark time and spiritual war. This is the battle God has prepared me for my entire life. And here I thought it was my battle with Lyme. I guess my war is officially here and I am so ready! This fight for justice against what the Devil and his demons have done to humanity and God's people has been a long time coming. WE ARE HERE.

I know, it sounds crazy, but us awakend empaths just have a “knowing” a “ feeling “ without any facts or evidence. But if you’re a blocked empath then you are most likely suffering right now. My heart goes out to all of you. Empaths don’t do well with negative energy in any form. It triggers a lot. Like fatigue, inflammation, migraines, mood swings, insomnia, depression, anxiety attacks… when it’s all due to what negative, fearful frequencies do to the activity of the cells and how it disrupts the function of the nervous & immune system. Little to say, I prayed about it for 2 days when things got so bad for me. My body was screaming at me. I only placed my focus on asking the Lord what it was I could do to help myself and others dealing with all of it. During that dedicated time, I was shown intense images of angels fighting demons. It was so real and so deep that I couldn’t deny it. I knew then during those visions, Who I was fighting now.Who the enemy was and the ones I had to work hard to awaken. I had become so tired and bruised up from all the battles with these demons that I needed some Christ love and protection. So I dropped to my knees and surrendered these lost souls. While down on my knees I could feel the Lord's presence embrace me. I could hear and feel how proud he was of me for sticking it out for this long. I know I have helped so many awaken! That's all I was set out to do with my posts and messages. Igniting other's curiosity about another narrative, the dark truth has been real AF! My mission was accomplished. Purpose fulfilled! Eyes and hearts are open!

When you are lost, unaware, blocked and under the false program, you stay unaware, lack curiosity and wonder. The evil system has a system to keep the people suppressed and blocked. But for the awakened ones ( which I believe were chosen to be awakened ), we were led to the knowledge on how to break free from the psychological warfare and false program. Our pineal glands that had been blocked, we shattered open. Our throat chakra aka our voice that was kept muted or silenced is kept free. Our hearts were sprung wide open. This is what it takes to be a warrior for God during this spiritual war. You need to be unblocked, open, awake, and brave!

Gods Warrior

It’s a time to shed light on the darkness so we can help awaken the lost ones. How do we expose the darkness without shedding light on it for others to see? To be a light in this spiritual war, you have to be able to embrace the darkness of the truth. The devil's time is up! God and the people win. The truth-seekers win! No more separation. It’s time for unity. Stay grounded empaths! Stay aligned healers! Stay brave warriors! God and the Universe have your back!

God bless you all.

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