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Mold illness.

Mold illness is real.

Mold. I swear it’s some kind of demonic thing. I mean it ravages everything in comes into contact with. Makes everything decay. If you think mold is gross to look at when you see it or how disgusting it smells... can you imagine what it can do to the human body? Omg SO MUCH!

Even just being exposed to it growing up gave me health issues and side affects later on in life but not one Dr ever mentioned it. Like chronic pneumonia, chest congestion, migraines, chronic bronchitis and major anxiety. Like so many other illnesses they don’t talk about. Like how migraines and anxiety can be caused by mold. I stop and think about all the millions of People that are on meds for anxiety and chronic headaches. I was on them for many, many years. My sister has anxiety and migraines but doesn’t believe the mold we were exposed to growing up has anything to do with it. But I know it does.

Basically all invisible and chronic issues are denied keeping those of us like fish out of water or just trying to keep our heads above the water.

Keeping my head above the water is exactly what it felt like when we first moved into our new home in Edmonds Wa. We had no flipping clue or any idea we had mold and toxic mold spores. Not even a month after moving in I began having chronic headaches, weird heart palpitations and chest pain. My daughter began having anxiety and panic attacks and my son began having immune issues and respiratory issues. Never once being told Or asked about mold. But once we got rid of it... holy smokes! Big difference!

I could think more clearly. Less dark thoughts, suicidal thinking, panic attacks, insomnia, less brain fog, no more morning nausea and vomiting and had so much less anxiety. I no longer had the daily chronic headaches that I’d been having Botox for. For 3 years I was seeing neurologists and they put me on every med there possibly was for migraines. I’d had MRI’s and nothing. Just more meds. I was having Botox injections for almost 3 years. That to me is crazy. And all it was doing was giving me more toxicity. Just making the symptoms be masked and muted..You know, western medicines way. They have a pill for every symptom to mankind. It’s disgusting actually. Never once trying to get to the root cause.

Why does invisible illness get so denied? Just because you can’t see it physically Dr’s just make you think it’s all in your head. Which then makes you believe it could be in your head. Then you begin to gain the belief that your just bat shit crazy. And your pain isn’t real. It’s a very, very dark place to be when you’re not getting answers and all the pills aren’t doing a damn thing.

An old friend mentioned going to see a naturopath. I sat on it for a bit. I was so completely lost. Clinging to my meds. I was scared but felt I had nothing to lose. Just maybe some new prescriptions. Boy was I wrong!

It was like seeing a scientist for the human body! My mind was blown. Like... how the hell did not one of the many Dr’s I’d seen in all my years of seeking good Dr’s never ever ask me these questions? How is it the man in the white coat didn’t even know a fourth of what this naturopath knew? How the hell are they not covered by insurance? To me after all I’ve been through I feel Naturopath’s are the real Dr’s we need. They connect the dots. They seek the root cause to every single symptom. They ask about your environment, trauma, relationships, lifestyle, diet... you name it. THATS WHAT DR’s SHOULD ALL BE LIKE. Why don’t Naturopath’s get the same respect? Why can’t they wear a white coat?

Right away the Dr asked me to check my house for mold. I laughed. Isn’t mold everywhere? Wouldn’t everyone be sick? Why am I the only one?

Well apparently if you have an active infection or a low immune system mold can be very dangerous and deadly. I was co-existing with Lyme and metal toxicity and didn’t know it till I was exposed to mold. The mold woke up the sleeping giant. Man I believe it. I lived it. The darkness it puts you under is real. And then you become a human detector for mold and get triggered when you’re exposed to it. You became symptomatic to anything toxic. My Lyme infection became reactivated. Came back with a vengeance. Feels like hell was taking over or like I was living in my own private dark hell. I had no clue! And here I was staying put, bedridden, on meds and sitting in the environment that was making me ill feeling as if I were being tortured. The inflammation was all over my body. Day in and day out. It’s crazy for me to just think about it. Going back is like having a ptsd moment. It’s real!

It took almost a year to convince my husband to have our house checked. He was a non believer and it’s not exactly cheap to have it checked. But my ND insisted if we didn’t I was only going to get worse and any herbs or treatments I did wouldn’t work till I was out of mold. So she put a halt on my healing until he got on board. Thank god. So we had it checked. BAM! Mold spores everywhere. Took him almost a year to repair it but he did it! He alone removed all the carpet and floors in our home and installed wood floors all by himself. First time ever! He’s my hero!

So since my Dr decided to stop the herbal protocol, she had me begin the detoxing process. Anything to open up my liver and produce glutathione was the key during the time my house was being fixed. It was hard because I had to continue to live in it. I invested in a mask and an air purifier to filter out any spores and toxins in the air. Wearing a mask made me realize my reality. It was a scary reality. Living wearing a mask just to be safe from your own environmental is crazy? I began doing coffee enemas, water and baking soda enemas. The colonics were too traumatic for me. So I decided to do them at home myself and it was way cheaper.

Wow! What a difference! By the time the house was done I’d found a new Dr in Mexico. I was able to detox even more using alternative methods. Very regulated here and over priced because insurance doesn’t cover the methods that work. That’s America for you! So I jumped the border and had ozone and chelation done to help detox my body. Didn’t take much and I was already feeling better!

The symptoms I had from the mold and the metals went away after the first week! I was again blown away! My body has a hard time detoxing and for some reason these methods really busted through a lot for me!

My limbic system was impaired from all the toxic exposure and left my body in a loop of pain. Running off an old program my body had been living on. I repaired my limbic system by using Psych K and working the DNRS program. Now I am no longer symptomatic to chemicals and mold. But because I know now what I know I am aware of environments I need to stay away from but my body doesn’t necessarily react to it anymore which has been a blessing!

There are many alternative ways we can heal and beat a chronic illness!

It’s crazy to me how an invisible mold can put you on your death bed, alone left with demonic feelings and thoughts. How bad it can make you feel like your burning alive and can’t do anything about it. The pain and the thoughts are so real. That’s what mold can do to our mind, body and souls.

I am so grateful I didn’t give up. I am thankful to holistic and alternative methods. I feel so blessed that my broken health path led me to my healing and to an amazing clinic!

If you have any chronic issues you should really look into mold, detoxing and repairing your limbic system! It just might be the culprit to your issues. NEVER. GIVE. UP. EVER! And always keep searching! Don’t settle with your symptoms. They can be fixed!


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