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Non-Toxic Bath Bombs

Creations By Evangelia Vensel

Who doesn't love to enjoy a good relaxing soak in the tub? Bath time can be many things for many people for many reasons. My Bath Bombs are so safe even a child could digest it and be perfectly fine! That's the glory and the power of non-toxic products. If it's safe to digest, then its safe for our skin! 


My Why

Bath bombs are a great, simple way to relax, unwind and even heal! 

I can customize and personalize a bath bomb to fit your needs and desires. I love to custom blend and design all my products to fit your needs!

Experiencing illness was one of the greatest gifts of knowledge I could have ever received. I learned to get creative with my healing journey when I walked away from allopathic and western medicine. Essential oils and all the things they were able to deliver and all the endless ways they brought me relief was a game changer! 

All safe and non-toxic!

Bath Bomb Designs, Blends & Gift Box Sets

Our Clients

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