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Detox Bath Recipes

Recipes with essential oils, Herbs and Salts


The Benefits Of Detox Baths And Why

Toxic chemicals are found everywhere in our environment and, unfortunately, begin to accumulate in our cells and fat tissue before we set foot into the world. It is because of this that regular detoxing becomes extremely important, as some medical conditions like autism and other brain disorders have been linked to exposure to environmental toxins.

This is where detox baths come in. They are made of ingredients you can pick up at your local health food store and have the remarkable ability to help draw out these excess chemical residues and stored toxins.

Detox baths help to naturally stimulate the lymphatic system in aiding the body in detoxing toxin while relaxing! The purpose of these recipes are to get the body to sweat! We need to sweat in order to expel things from our pores. The Skin is the largest organ on the body which absorbs and expels all toxins.

I highly recommend dry brushing your skin or feet before you take your bath, it helps get the lymphatic system prepared for stimulation and its a great way to get rid of dead skin cells.

Foot Soak Detox Recipes


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