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Frequency Water

What is Frequency Water?

Everything in nature and this universe that God created has a frequency and vibration, and that includes us because our creator created us out of trillions of cells, and those cells only respond to water, sound, light, and all frequencies. We are very high vibrational beings that are made up of 75% water! But, our frequency lowers when we are living with dis-ease that's causing a disruption in our cells.

Water is the one element that carry's memory, frequency and vibration so it only makes sense that water can be imprinted with frequencies, can hold the memory of vibrations, stays structured and can be transferred to us on a cellular level to our cells through consumption. 


Personalized Frequency water/drops/sprays can be made for just about any ailment in the body that carry any negative vibrations. Personalized water can help harmonize your cells and magnetic field for any health and beauty need by scanning your palm, and or an image and numerology which allows me to imprint the frequencies needed to harmonize your cellular activity. 

To keep your cells vibrating at a harmonious state during any distress, inflammation, or when hit with illness, our cells need to be shifted out of the dis-eased vibration and into a harmonious vibration.

This cellular health water can help reverse the disharmony within your cellular activity and help repair and regenerate the cells.

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