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What is an Intuitive Guidance session?

These sessions are Intuitive, creative and healing in nature, focused on accessing Intuitive Guidance for healing and empowerment. These sessions benefit those who are searching for a more intuitive and creative approach to navigating their life journey. These sessions may incorporate but are not limited to the use of Energy Healing, Vibrational Healing, and Spiritual Healing to bring energetic balance and empowerment.

Intuitive guidance can show up in many different forms and be filtered through many spiritual modalities. When I think of intuitive guidance, I definitively consider the empathic aspect of guidance, the feeling.

Intuitive guidance is a connection to infinite wisdom that presents a resolution to your circumstances in out and of this specific life. My approach to intuitive guidance for others has always been through connecting to God, our creator because God provides a very clear direction to healing and clarity. 

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