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My personal testimony

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I am finally willing to be vulnerable and share my story! Thank you all for all your support, love, and constant motivation to keep fighting! It’s a bit long but worth the read. Thank you to all of you that take the time to read it! 


My story

Hi Warriors! Previously I’ve shared bits and pieces of my journey and treatments with some of you but I’ve never shared my story to this extent.  It has taken me a while to work up the nerve to share this vulnerable part of my life and how I continue to walk down this road towards health.  I hope my story helps some of you, if it helps at least one of you, then I will consider this novella a success.


I will be discussing personal and childhood trauma in addition to Lyme on my blog but this story is about my journey of getting properly diagnosed and how I found healing through holistic and alternative methods.


The struggle has been disheartening at times, to say the least. Not the least chilling was suffering through these valleys of poor health with a disease that remained unnamed by so many medical professionals!


Decades seemed to pass with symptoms dealt with like whack-a-mole.  Pharmaceuticals have been everpresent since the age of ten. I've battled addiction, toxic relationships, and behaviors. I felt lost as the downward spiral continued.  Five years after sobriety I got in a car accident (7/13) that demanded the use of pain medication which led to the eventual relapse and feelings of failure. How was I to take care of our family and home? Take care of all my hair clients and friends? What about all my creative cakes to bake for clients and friends? 


Two months into taking the pain meds (9/13) I began having withdrawal-like symptoms. I thought it was the flu. What followed was months of antibiotics and the takeover of our cabinet space with more meds. I was ingesting pills treating bronchitis, pneumonia, infections, and arthritis until becoming bedridden. There were daily fevers, pain and fatigue, brain fog, chronic migraines, and body tremors. While I know I wasn't bedridden for four continuous years, my memory tells me otherwise. I felt I was slowly dying and there was nothing I could do about it. Nobody seemed to listen or understand. There was no way this was all the titles, diagnoses, or labels all these specialist gave me. I kept telling myself I know is more than fibromyalgia, MS...damn lupus, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue  (I was sold that arthritis made sense)! I figured this has to be cancer and will remain hidden until my autopsy. 


My darkest and fearful days arrived. Suicidal thoughts and nightmares ensued. I had daydreams of what my family's life would be like with me gone. To me, it already seemed as if I wasn’t there. My husband took over and was functioning just fine without me (it seemed). The somber days mounted as I battled thoughts in my lonely bed as a new opportunity presented itself.


My 20th high school reunion was drawing near ( 8/16).  I missed my 10-year reunion (pregnant with my daughter). The due date was too close to allow for air travel as we lived out of state.  I so wanted to attend the 20th but my fear-based mindset was holding me back.  I believed I was too sick to go and kept coming up with excuses and suffered anxiety over the decision.  My husband encouraged me to make it to this one. At this point, my journey takes a turn for the best!!


God intervened!

I reconnected with a special friend I hadn’t seen since school after my reunion. She had popped in and out of my life since the 7th grade.  My guardian angel is how I remember her. This angel would come to the rescue every time I got bullied or tortured by the kids I was hanging with.  Here she is to save my life again! We reconnected while doing her hair ( painfully through the tremors and pain) as she listened patiently to my health journey shaking her head the whole time. At the end of my story, she looked at me, grabbed my hand, asked me if I had the Lord in my life, and advised me to switch over to a naturopath. That was the beginning of a whole new journey.


My friend referred me to her doctor (11/16) and I promptly made an appointment.  My life-saving naturopath suspected late-stage Lyme during that first visit.  She warned me about the unreliable testing protocols, however,  I proceeded to spend the money on these tests.  Negative results arrived as predicted.  She began treating me for Lyme anyways. She made me taper off all my pharmaceuticals and suggested that our home be inspected for mold (some dust samples showed mold presence).  Immediately we moved forward removing the old carpeting and installing wood flooring throughout. Tapering off the meds was like walking through the fires of hell alongside the Lyme symptoms.  The ordeal and expense of our floor changeout have been a challenge, to say the least. But I will admit when I began having to detox from all the damage from the metals in my own beauty products and the toxic chemicals from 22 years of being a cosmetologist that damages my blood and my body plus all my IV treatments, I then realized how sick I truly was if I required this much to stay alive. 

My organs began functioning at a very low level and I was doing everything I possibly could and afford. I needed 3 IV’s a week. I did this for 3 months. It was not cheap, fun, or easy. Just getting myself there was half the battle. My poor veins were traumatized! I honestly didn’t know if I could get through it. This is when I just couldn’t take it anymore. Something had to give. Why wasn’t anything working? There has to be another way? Going at this holistically with no help or support from our health care system has been a true test of me and my family's will. I was willing to do anything...


I  chose to surrender to a power much greater than me, God!  I dropped to my knees and begged the Lord to show me the way. Please take this disease from me and handle it your way.  I asked him to use me in whatever way he needed.  I asked him for resources and guidance because my way wasn’t working.  That next day another old friend reached out to me and suggested I read a few books by Bruce Lipton.  I hated reading and my eyes and head would go into a crazy spin every time I tried but I soldiered on.  I felt I had a purpose and it was a great distraction from my pain and my own fearful scary thoughts. I took it as a sign since I’d asked for guidance and resources. Somehow I read The Biology Of Belief in 3 days. GAME CHANGER.  I took my power back and all of a sudden I wasn’t a victim anymore and became a warrior of survival! This book completely shifted my way of thinking on a deep subconscious level. This is where I began my research on biology and how our cells work.


About a month passed while I continued my reading.  My 20th reunion reacquainted friend was on her death bed and was getting ready to have assisted suicide from her years of battling Lyme.  She called to tell me that she was ready to die and is giving this clinic and Dr in Mexico her last attempt to fight her Lyme disease (1/17). I was so scared for her and thought she was off her rocker for sure. She went anyhow and is now my hero! I’ve been following her lead!  She’s just about in remission and I’m right behind her.


I myself decided to proceed south of the border and undergo stem cell replacement and many other alternative healing methods. My friend had success with this, nothing else was working, what did I have to lose but a few dollars?  We were already spending a good amount just to keep my light shining. I gave it over to God again.


It took some convincing to get my husband and kids on board. Everyone was so fearful and didn’t want me to go but at that point I told them that I'd already been fighting this disease alone. At this moment my past abandonment feelings surfaced. I quickly realized how much I felt abandoned by some of my closest friends and family through all of this. Maybe they didn’t abandon me due to misunderstanding?Perhaps the worst part of having this disease was going through it with no support.  It reminded me of my trauma growing up.  I was willing to go at this alone if I had to because I wanted my life back. I didn’t want to die but I was willing to die trying if that was God's will. Thankfully it wasn’t.  God had much bigger plans for me!  I surrendered.


My phone rang.  The call was from that Dr's office in Mexico and was told there was a random cancellation and opening if I wanted it!!  This occurred only two weeks after my friend had called for me. That was March 2018.  I agreed to be booked for June!  During the months of waiting I became even stronger, continuing to leave it in God's hands. I read more books and felt I was on a spiritual mission for healing. I had a drive inside of me like I’d never had. I pushed through the worst days with grace and love!


Mexico here I come!! (6/18)


I wished my family goodbye at the airport with many tears but no fear! I felt I had wings!

Upon arrival in Mexico I was picked up by the clinics shuttle and was driven to my hotel.  We pulled up and I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was nothing like I expected! It was a town full of patients seeing this amazing healing Dr!  Every bellman, every waiter, any staff at any establishment was aware of Lyme disease. I was treated with so much love and support, hugs and heard miraculous stories from strangers leading up to my first day. They made me feel safe and empowered me that I was in the right place seeing the right Dr!


Blood test!

I had my blood looked at under a live black field scope. This scope is considered illegal in our country but I’ve heard of a few Dr’s underground that have it but they don’t advertise due to regulations. Sucks. I saw it all! The Lyme, metals, mercury, toxins, bacterial cysts, viruses, dead cells, inflammation cells and damaged cells. I told I’ve most likely have had this since early childhood but even then I  wanted to throw myself a damn party I was so happy! I was relieved! I got answers and that’s all I ever wanted. I was reassured I was in the right place! This Dr knew right away what was needed for my body to fight! I had many alternative methods done while there that helped my body detox. Things I could have done here but would cost too much. I had chelation done. It helps filter out our blood while building up your immune system. I  like to think of it like  chemo only all natural but better. It pushes out the bad and repairs the damage instead of trying to kill the bad with chemicals and then pray your sick body will get through that process. I did get a little tired during the IV’s but there were so many amazing people in the room sharing their stories while we all had IV in our arms! It was a blessing!

I had a radionics frequency test done to help show us where most of the damaged cells were in my body and to better assist the Dr where to do my stem cell injections. They also added stem cells to the chelation mix. I had stem cells injected in a different area each day. My wrists, my knees, my neck, my shoulders, back, lumbar and around my whole waist plus you get one big one daily that is for the immune system, brain, adrenals and gut.


Friends... my joints are moving again. Not 100% but I’d say I’m functioning all over about 75%better! The fact that I’m not bedridden anymore is maybe good enough for me. If I can continue to live at this level for even a few good years... wow! I’ll take it! Idk where this journey with stem cells will take me but so far so good. This is better then anything I’ve tried and I swear to you I’ve tried it all. I’m not saying my way is the way, I am simply sharing what’s worked for me and all I can say is this is the first time In over 12 years I feel half normal.  I have bad days and really good days but nothing like before. I’m not down for days after a walk in the park. I’ll get sore at the end of the walk but a few hours later I’m all good! For me, this is truly like a miracle.


I was told to eat a high alkaline diet which seemed crazy to me since I’d been staying away from fruit for years! My Dr looked at me like I was crazy!  He said WE ALL NEED THE BENEFITS FROM ALL EARTHLY GROWN FOOD FOR OUR BODIES TO SURVIVE. Since Lyme feeds and lives off of sugar and gluten those were the first to go! No more animals products unless they are organic and grass fed. Even though I was told I had to still stay away from most fruit I was educated to know which ones to eat and which ones to stray from. Wow! What a difference I feel. I'll admit it got pricey eating organically so I began doing a home delivery system. I still don’t feel well enough to be cooking so it’s what I have decided to use for now. Its an all organic smoothie and soup company called Daily Harvest that delivers smoothies and soups that are perfectly portioned frozen!  Just throw the veggies and fruit in a blender then  back in the cup it came in!

I’ve had to really simplify my life and it’s working!


I was sent home from Mexico with 4 months of oral stem cells, natural antibiotics and herbs.  I’m sleeping well which is a miracle and my pain is beyond livable. I’m learning my boundaries with EMF’s, toxic people and toxic environments. Using grounding tools, meditation, prayer and a clean alkaline diet along with what my Dr put me on.  I feel like a new empowered person and now I feel I have a mission to share and help others.


I just finished a spiritual health coaching program and a subconscious mind change program so I can help others one day that I know my brain wouldn’t have been able to handle before my treatments. There’s no way I would have been able to commit to something like that.  I truly feel the Lord is calling on me to do this. I never once thought I’d want to become a holistic life coach or a spiritual guidance coach but divine intervention has moved me otherwise!


Thank you all so much for your constant support!  The day I came out to the world and shared that I had Lyme was the first day of the rest of my life! All you beautiful fighting souls have made my healing journey much more colorful! For that I am forever grateful! Stay strong and have faith that this disease will not win! We will win.  God placed this mountain in front of us because he knew we would be the ones to move it!  Keep pushing your mountain friends! There’s a light at the end of this dark tunnel!  Let us be each other’s light!  God bless you all and thank you for taking the time to read my story.


I hope you enjoy following me on my journey of my holistic mission to remission!


Thank you! Much love and light to you all!



💜 Evangelia


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