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15 years sober today!

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Happy 15 years 🥳

Today marks 15 years of sobriety for me off street drugs 🙌🏼🏆

15 years ago Id finally given up my fight with trying to cope and numb the pain of the loss of my yiayia and the sudden death of my best friend/soulmate.

Grief is a monster that robs your soul 💔

I was using drugs to numb the pain and distract my brain from feeling the emotions. I had little ones to take care of, there was no time for mommies sadness and pain.

So I shoved it deep down while using stimulants to keep me going, until my kid found me passed out on the water flooded floor of my laundry room.

That day was my wake up call.

The day I surrendered my addiction to God and came clean to my family that I needed help.

Every rehab was full and booked out for months. But by the grace of God, 2 days later someone escaped from rehab which allowed A room to became available for me to have at the rehab I was really hoping for.

That’s God!

I was booked, packed and ready to go. Scared out of my mind because it was the first time I had ever left my kids and my kids ever going a day without me…

and here I was leaving for 30 whole days…

Those 30 days transformed my life and brought my spirit back to life.

Today, 15 whole years later, I am still so forever grateful for rehab and all the gifts It gifted me the last 15 years of my life in sobriety!

There is nothing like being sober after decades of drug abuse. There is nothing more powerful than having the ability to cope with your stress, worries and emotions without numbing it!

Grateful for today!

If you or a loved one is suffering with addiction and need help, please reach out to me. I can help end that madness and unresolved pain.

No one wants to be an addict.

Love the addict, hate the addiction.

Love always,

Evangelia, Holistic Warrior

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