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Making the impossible, possible.

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

On this day, June 12th, 3 years ago, I began making the impossible, possible. I I finally, after decades of poor health, lots of pain, lies, misunderstanding, misdiagnoses and pills, my journey after surrendering it over to God, lead me to seek ways outside the box to end my suffering. God put the power back into my hands by trusting, holding onto invisible hope, blind faith and blessing me with an immense amount of strength to move forward with taking a path less traveled.

When this path was presented to me, I knew deep down in my soul and every cell in my body, that this was it! I'd been online reading failed healing stories and success stories. Doing this only validated I did not want the same fate as the rest of the Lyme and illness community. 85% of what I found online were horror stories. Stories that just repeated my own nightmare I was living that felt like groundhog day. This path just confirmed a solid way out verses staying stuck, fighting, trying unless protocols and throwing thousands down the drain only to get nowhere when all I wanted was out. Reading peoples testimonials on Fb, IG and youtube was devastating. Learning about all these Lyme clinics that only kept Lymies coming back, year after year and continuing to spend the money only made me more empowered to prove there was another way out. I was determined to be a bright light in a dark tunnel for those seeking a way out of their suffering, for good. I wanted to offer a real solution and create a new path and share it. I was on a mission to conquer everyones false beliefs and false fears around our ability to heal. The mission was letting go of the fear and replacing it with love.

Landing in Mexico did just that. I was greeted and met by loving, compassionate earth angels. Being validated and heard over my painful existence was something I'd never really experienced before. I knew God led me to the right place. I did not want to end up at yet another scam lyme clinic, being treated by outdated, uneducated Dr's and nurses about Lyme like the rest of the community and this place confirmed it was definitely not that place. All I could do was thank God and cry. All I could think was, how in the world did I just end up here? I knew God was leading me and I knew right then and there that I just found a path to help lead others out of their Lyme existence but only for those that were brave and willing. I knew It wasn't going to be easy sharing this path but in the end my goal was to save just one other person besides mysel. The glory to this ending is that it ended up saving over 100 sufferers. The numbers keep rising too as I continue to prove that I made the impossible, possible and share what my life is like now. I share to prove to the non believers that I haven't fallen nor will I fall out of remission. I am proving what real remission is like when you fully eradicate all the bacterias, viruses, pathogens and toxins. What its like to actually repair the damage so that we can live a new life without all the pain. That was my whole purpose of being willing to be a success story for what the power of stem cells can do for someone who had lived with brain, nerve, tissue and bone damage. To no longer exist with debilitating pain means it doesn't get to control my life anymore.

Pain is such a block for living out our lives. Its a disruption to what we can achieve and accomplish in life. I'd tried all there was for pain and nothin helped. It did help put a pause on things and would lessen the inflammation here and there but nothing permanent or ever lasted. I was seeking a permanent way out and a way to repair the root cause to the pain. So after studying the purpose of our own cells, led me to be willing to try stem cells. I mean, it is what we are made up of so how could it not help? I'd already tried every method they had here in the US for pain and illness. I had nothing to lose but to only lose that way of life. Because of my studies of our biology and cells activity, I knew I had to work on my belief system, release all the negative events that took place in my life on a energetic, cellular and subconscious level. It was the missing key that helped lessen a huge majority of my inflammation. My thinking alone was chronically activating inflammation in my cells and the imprint from my traumas were leaving my cells vibrating at a very low frequency and low vibration. I was determined to reprogram my cells in my entire body so that every organ could do its job properly and to repair all the damage like the body was intended to do.

What most people don't know or realize ( due too lack of knowledge, education and false indoctrination ) is that our cells only respond to vibration and water. And another thing most people don't realize is that our thoughts alone are vibrational. So if my cells were only responding to what I was thinking then it made perfect sense why I was always in pain and living in fight or flight. Why my organs were failing me after decades of toxic living, pharmaceutical abuse and living with unresolved infections and traumas. I had to change my thinking and release my traumas. I wanted my mind to be right and reset my thinking on a subconscious level so that when I received new stem cells, every one of them would be entering a harmonized vibration. I received great confirmation from the Dr in Mexico that I was functioning much better than his average Lyme patient that was at the same late stage I was. I knew the the power of our minds. I knew the power of our own thoughts and what the side affects of living with unresolved traumas can cause. I researched and studied how the brain and how our cells functioned before I went to Mexico and healed my physical body. I knew that I had to heal my mind and my soul first before I attempted to heal the physical part. I had already been studying Trauma under the world famous trauma specialist, Dr Gabor Mate. He opened the door to understanding the root causes to every single type of cancer and illness we have. I studied the subconscious mind and how it worked and what it controlled, with Dr Bruce Lipton. I then understood what my own traumas, thoughts and feelings were doing to sabotage me and my bodies ability to heal. I studied how our nervous system worked, what it controlled in our daily lives and how to reprogram it to get me out of living in a state fight or flight with Dr Joe Dispenza, Neuroscientist. And last I began studying the power of quantum healing with energy, frequency and vibrations with Dr Emoto, Japanese pseudo-scientist. I knew from all this knowledge that in order to heal I had to heal my mind, my body, and my spirt.

So in the end of this beautiful healing journey, it took a few things to put me back together. First, I healed my mind from all its broken, negative thoughts and patterns that were getting in the way and sabotaging me then transformed my mindset to serve me. I did that with PSYCH-K. I took an inner wounded child healing journey and went back into my past and healed my sad, scary and traumatic events and transformed them into self empowerment. I did that with PSYCH-K. I released and transformed all my traumatic events I'd lived through, especially my fear of mold and chemicals. I did that also with PSYCH-K. Healing that broken side of me first made a world of difference for the healing journey of my physical body in Mexico! It took changing everything in my life to nontoxic. I had to change my living environment, change my thoughts and beliefs, change all my products and the people I engaged with to be ready to hit treatments. I wanted the most successful outcome.

So what was the outcome for me by taking this path???

The outcome has been my dreams coming true!! Dreams I gave up on when I was plagued with a false belief system. Dreams that I put away because I was told it was impossible to heal from an illness like Lyme. That it didn't exist. So dream one came true when I conquered the impossible, beating Lyme! Second dream that came true was to growing a community and a tribe of like minded souls that resonate with what I went through in my past, understood my reality with Lyme and to have them become my earth family so they could be the ones to help me embrace my present moment and come along with me into my future to come. Third dream, that came true was becoming the person I always knew I was underneath it all, a healer off broken hearts and. shattered souls. A mentor and guide for the lost and wonderers in this world. A portal to absorb others sadness. A safe place to release peoples deepest wounds.A motivational speaker to inspire the willing and hopeful. A light to help guide others out of their own suffering and reveal their true, authentic selves. A HEALER!

Fourth dream, getting to move my body again so I could dance and play soccer with my daughter before it was too late and she was too old or too cool to hang with mom! To go to car racing tracks with my son and enjoy taking fun adventurous drives without the fear of pain. I love cars and so does my son. He's at an age now where we can enjoy cars together and its ok to cruise around with mom! I can go on hikes and bike rides again with my family which is actually more fun now that they are older!

Dream five, I have the strength and the ability to help my husband around the house, cook again and start home projects with him again! He's not a one man show anymore. God bless him for keeping it all together all those years when I was checked out.

To have my health, my mind and my body back is all I ever wanted for myself and my family!

I am officially in my happy place, living my best life, doing what I love, living as my unique authentic self, and in the best health of my life! Thank you, God! Healing really does exist!

Much love and gratitude to:

My husband and children.


Dr Gabor.

Dr Bruce Lipton.

Dr Joe Dispenza.

Dr Emoto

Dr Calzada and the BioAdvanced Medical Center

And last but not least, my tribe for taking this journey with me.

Love and light to you all! Cheers to healing and new beginnings,

Evangelia xoxo


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Stan Bruner
Stan Bruner
Jun 13, 2021

What a beautiful story of healing mind body and spirit. Thank you for sharing.

Evangelia Vensel
Evangelia Vensel
Jun 17, 2021
Replying to

Thank you!! Xoxo

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