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Surrendering the outcome

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

This might be a long read but I’ll do my best to make it worth the read.

Well, first off, thank you Jesus for Mexico and how they run things there when it comes to medical and health issues. I just had my 3rd cancer scare. The 3rd time our system has put that kind of fear into me and my families minds. It’s great they’re cautious and all but to be overly cautious, jump the gun and make you play their bullshit waiting game protocol is NOT OK! This is the very reason I chose Mexico when I was given the run around for too many years, given many false diagnoses and put on many, many pharmaceuticals all for one disease. One disease our system refuses to acknowledge and deny our Dr’s to learn more about or allow them to even treat and diagnose. It becomes a web they get you stuck in and they really don't know any other way so they don't care for you to get off if either. Or offer ways to help you get off. I personally got tired of it all and was so sick of being sick, given no solutions or answers to why it was all happening. Not one good explanation about the root cause to why I had an issue with each damn organ in my body and the madness in my thinking brain. I was beyond ready to jump out of the square box and look outside our medical scope of practice to know wtf was going on. It still blows my mind that Mexico was able to give me all my labs, tests, blood work, proper diagnoses, a road map to recovery and healing all from one place! To be able to go over my results, get my answers all in a matter of a few hours still blows my mind!! Um…. that alone took me 30 fucking years here to get all my issues figured out. But seriously, to have it all done all in one day? WHAAAT? THANK YOU MEXICO AND THE BIOADVANCED MEDICAL CENTER for your existence!

So I just left my miracle life saving clinic in TJ after my latest cancer scare. I had to surrender the outcome to God again like I have been doing my entire life every time I was left in a fearful and scary state of mind or situation. I turn to prayer and manifest for the best possible outcome. I had to let go and let my faith in. Every time I do, I get closer to God and things always seem to work out the way they're supposed to. Everything in life that happens has a reason, a purpose and a lesson. So for me, it was a lesson to never ignore a symptom or to let it go on for too long. I've lived through so many levels and forms of pain that I've learned to manage and just live with it. I woke up when the pain finally slapped me in the face and my body began screaming at. At that point I had no choice but to listen. It was a message to pay attention and that it was no longer ignorable.

Surrendering it to God that his will would be done was how I got through all the fear. Thats have I've gotten through all my fear. And trust me, I've lived in fear just about my entire life. I let my praying sessions help me turn all the negative thoughts and stories that my mind was coming up with to a positive. I did some Psych-K to delete these thoughts/stories out of my subconscious mind and uploaded positive thoughts and stories. Those were the thoughts and stories that were running in every one of my cells, my subconscious and conscious mind, my body, my spirit and my entire energy field. So after much thought, prayer and meditation, I let go, surrendered the outcome and began allowing my intuition to guide me for I had the belief and knowing with conviction that the Lord was guiding me.

I decided I did not want go down our systems route and play the waiting game to get my answers. Only to have go see Dr’s just to be referred to more Dr’s. I already had to do so much of the work myself to get the ball rolling on this. Of course I emailed my Dr in Mexico first to tell him what my concerns and issues were through email. No portal or Mychart bullshit. I like and prefer direct contact and to hear back from my Dr. Not to just read the results, then having to book an appointment and wait for my appointment to talk about what’s going on. He wanted me to have an ultrasounds right away. I laughed and replied back, uh, it doesn’t work like that here lol! Unless I go to the ER and get charged later. So I had no other choice but to play the game just to get what my Dr requested.

I had to wait a week or so to see my Nd just so I could get the referral for the ultrasound. Got the referral but had to wait to get a call back from the imaging place to get the damn ultrasound booked. Well, after a few days went by and heard nothing back or a call, I felt my spirit say “here we go again, I guess I have to do the fucking work myself to get shit moving". The imaging place said they hadn’t received the referral yet so I had to call and have my Nd just email me the damn referral, print it out at home and drive it to the place myself.. so annoying. But I got the ultrasound booked! Still had to wait 2 days to have it done. I called my Dr ’s office multiple times a day for a few days just to ask if my Dr had the results. I then had her email me the results so I could send them to my Dr in Mexico. Once he saw the results he immediately wanted me to have an MRI done as did my Dr here. The ultrasound revealed a walnut size tumor on the lining of my liver. Here comes the cancer scare and more waiting to get the MRI referral ( which again I had to do the work myself like I did with the ultrasound), waiting on the authorization for the MRI, get booked for the MRI, wait for the MRI, and again wait for the results and have to make an appointment to go over it all. Uhhh….. NO THANKS! I was not going to wait or play the systems game or “ The trap” if it was cancerous. They did that to me with lyme and it caused me to suffer for way too long and lost many good years living on their web that kept me trapped with illness, trauma and fear.

So, what did my amazing Dr at the Bioadvanced Medical Center want me to do? He advised me it would be the best of my interest and much easier if I just flew in for a day to have the MRI, get the results in my own hands, have him look at the results, have a consult over the findings and talk about the best and safest route for me to take. Yes, all in one day with one Dr!

So what did me and my hubby decide to do? We said fuck it, hell yes, and booked a flight that day and flew out 2 days later. That day I got my results, was given an IV treatment to detox the toxic dye they make you drink for the MRI, shit our system and Dr’s know noting about or can offer us. I am so grateful it is not cancerous. There were actually 2 tumors. The walnut size one is on the lining of my liver and the giant marble one is in my liver. They need to be removed due to the location and size of them along with the issues they are creating. It's caused inflammation around my heart, lungs, liver and intestines. My symptoms have been horrid. Weight loss due to nausea, fatigue, pain all over my whole upper body and heart. Feels like I’ve been punched in the rib over and over again, where the bigger tumor is and I am getting constant sharp shooting pain near my heart. One of the tumors I was born with and the other one, the big one was caused by having lyme, going undiagnosed for so long and what the bacteria did. Shit a Dr would have never told us here. The scary thing is that if I chose to play the game here, the game the majority of people trust, my family and non lyme friends were telling me to take as my first opinion here versus going to my Dr in Mexico, I would’ve been told I needed a biopsy (which can also cause cancer) or that I would either need to blast it with localized radiation or cut up my liver. Ummm…. FUCK NO AND NO THANKS! But thanks for your concern. They’re so happy to pump you up with poison or wanting to cut you open here. Anything to create more trauma to the body and more chronic issues. I’m not a fan of "chronic” so I thats why I go to Mexico. America invented Chronic and addiction.

Of course I chose to see my team as my first opinion. I knew I wouldn’t be getting the same run around, all the waiting and that I'd receive the damn truth in a matter of hours instead weeks!

Nothing really scares me anymore after going through what I went through with Lyme. Cancer just doesn’t even scare me now that I healed from Lyme, changed my belief system, became closer to God and found an amazing team of Dr’s that know wtf they’re doing when it comes to healing the human body from just about anything. It would have only scared me if I didn’t have this team as my healing team!

We weren’t even there for 24 hours and had the best time! As always we had the best experience being filled with knowledge we wouldn’t have gotten here. And yummy food we don’t touch in the states! We ate like super stars because the food isn’t tainted there like it is here! I can eat gluten there and dairy with no issues or side affects, WHOOHOO!! Ugh.. its not fair. So we went all out on the bread, desserts and all the things we don't eat here in the states lol! I day dream about their food all the time so I was basically making out with every bite I took and savoring it to the fullest! Oh had two good shots of tequila of course to celebrate the good news, being in remission from lyme for just about a year now next month and my 42nd birthday thats coming up in a few days! We had so much to celebrate! It was nice to have an over nighter with my man in my favorite healing town and clinic! We feel very lucky, fortunate and very blessed. God has been so good to me and my family. Leading me to this clinic saved my life and changed my life forever. I could be dead today but by the grace of God, surrendering and this amazing team for putting me back together piece by piece without meds or poison.

The fact they wanted to give me chemo here for so called MS is BULLSHIT. That alone could have killed me like its killed millions. The fact they do that for MS (which is a late stage infectious disease) when a persons immune system is already suppressed and compromised is just criminal to me and a disgrace to mankind. My heart hurts for those living under the false diagnoses like fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, Parkinson’s, ALS, rheumatoid arthritis and even dementia when its all a damn infectious disease, a bacteria or virus infection that's gone mad or unresolved trauma thats running havoc on every cell, all your blood, joints, nerves, tissue, bones, brain, organs, immune system and nervous system. Tell me how in the hell can a pill or chemo make someone like that better? IT CAN’T. It eventually kills you. Same goes for cancer. Why not eradicate the trauma, cancer or bacteria versus blasting it, instead of ruining running the body down, sedated on meds to cover up the root cause? Not to mention all the horrible side affects one has to endure after they receive these criminal methods our system only covers. Why do they only offer and cover poison and chemicals? It's disgusting and not fair or plain right. It’s wrong, especially for those that don’t have good insurance or no insurance at all, or those living in poverty that want to take another route. THERE IS NO OTHER ROUTE PEOPLE AND IT NEEDS TO CHANGE. The rich and famous shouldn’t be the only ones that are granted access or that can afford real and safe methods. I am far from rich. I could not afford to go to Sedona or Florida or even to the 2 world renowned amazing clinics we have here in Washington for lyme to save my own life with alternative methods. Thats why I chose Mexico. It was affordable for me and my family. Yet even that price can be too much for many Americans that are suffering and want help. It’s not fair and it NEEDS to change. How? I honesty don’t know anymore. Something has to give. It's like the Dr’s need to go on a freaking strike against Big Pharma, the FDA and CDC and demand other ways to heal their patients or something.

Believe it not, many good American Dr’s practice in other countries just to gain more knowledge without being blocked by our shitty regulations. Then they get to treat their patients in many ways. There are even many American Holistic clinics that were shut down by the FDA and by our corrupted Medical system. But they re-opened their clinics in Mexico.That sucks for us Americans though because we deserve those kinds of clinics more than anyone. Millions are suffering and would benefit from these clinics. So why keep them out? Oh, I forgot...we are not allowed to heal here or business would be slow and no-one would make any money. Duh..forgot.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way or knows this truth about our health care system. Or should I call it a “stay sick and chronic management system”? Hundreds of Americans wouldn’t be going to this tiny beautiful medical town off the San Diego border if it wasn’t legit. We all know how fearful Americans are with even the idea of Mexico from all the false beliefs our system has brainwashed us to believe. It wouldn’t be overflowing with hundreds of good American, Canadian and UK citizens if the Dr's didn't know what they were doing. Thats only our Drs here because they don't know what they're doing. They practice on us as they are learning. I guess it’ll have to take your health failing, almost dying and being wronged by our corrupted medical system to understand our reasons. My purpose and reason now in life is to prevent that for others. The good thing about my clinic being flooded is that my Dr is building and soon opening up a brand new clinic thats 8 times the size!! They’ll get to heal and accommodate even more suffering Americans that want true healing! God bless this clinic!

Today I am grateful for not having cancer and being lyme free! Thanks to The BioAdvanced Medical Center and the lord! I am content but also a little frightened to get back on the train to find a good Dr to refer me to a good surgeon here. I need to find the right surgeon for the surgery and procedure my Dr in Mexico is recommending me do. My insurance will cover it here and America really does have the best surgeons. I just can’t say that about our Dr’s after all I’ve been through. The fact people in Mexico and most likely other countries are feeling sad and sorry for us Americans wondering why our system is trying to make us all sick and brainwashing us with lies, kinda says it all for me. And we thought we lived in the greatest country and have freedom? Think again. I’m not saying other countries have it any better, they all have their own issues but what I am saying is that their medical system allows their Dr’s to learn more then one way to heal the human body. In reality the methods we have here are NOT healing. Just a shit load of bandaids, poison and traumatic surgeries. Anything to keep us sick and have chronic issues so we can keep coming back! Such a disgrace.

Sometimes I feel I was just born into a broken body and my whole life I've been on a mission to find ways to heal it and survive in it. How can I not when its been my way of life for over 30 years? It's like, if it ain't one thing, it's another. The story of my life here on earth. It’s now obvious to me that thats how the system likes it too. Thats ok though, thanks to all of the wrongs that happened to me, my own battle to survive empowers me and gives me more inner and outer strength. It’s sad that so many are suffering. Any form of suffering isn’t really a way to live or a way of life. I don’t recommend it. I am more sad that millions of Americans are in pain, suffering and have no way to get off the web and trap we have here. I believe the system knows how to trap trauma in our bodies which then creates a broken spirit. Having a broken spirit my whole life was no walk in the park. More like running full speed in the dark through a scary forest on fire. Just existing is NOT a way of life and no one should have to suffer. We shouldn’t only receive love and support when its cancer. Human beings need love and support no matter what. Don’t wait to love on or support someone after years of struggling (or because Justin Bieber now has lyme) or because it eventually ended with cancer. What about those that are suffering 24/7 non stop and have no answers to why? Or those that have no way to get treated? Why do people continue to think that those with chronic issues want them or think they’re lying about it, a hypochondriac, faking it or just want to complain all the time or wanting attention? If it was attention they were seeking then why aren’t you giving it to them? Trust me, people that are suffering and complaining don’t want to be in pain. They don't want your sympathy. They want to be loved, supported and to be heard. They really do want it to end but our system doesn’t support that or find ways to end human suffering besides with pills. Been there, done that and I will NEVER, EVER let that happen again. Not even over my dead body. I will do my best to prevent others from the same fate. I’ll be here to remind the world of it too. It’s my purpose and duty for humanity. It’s what the lord chose for me when I surrendered my will for his. I am content and forever grateful for his will for me! It has been a blessing. Even my pain has been a blessing for the body sends us messages so we can be warned to pay attention. And it doesn’t matter how small or big the issue is. PAY ATTENTION, our bodies are trying to communicate with us.

I wish you all good health, fulfillment and joy, always. May you make your health your top priority! Good health is real wealth in this country. Not the other way around and that needs to change ASAP. I’ll be here to help with that! I’m here to help guide you to your own healing too!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog about my latest heath battle!

God bless you!


Evangelia aka Holistic Lyme Warrior

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