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Trusting in the Universe's guidance.

Do you trust in the guidance of the universe? Have you ever received "signs"? Did you know that we are always being guided, even when it doesn't feel like it? Every experience you perceive in your life is actually like a movie you've created in your mind. Just like a movie screen and your eyes are the lenses, your life gives rise to one or two choices: To see and learn through the perception of either love or fear. Which one do you perceive your reality from? Love or fear?

Each moment or event is like a holy and spiritual encounter providing us with a divine spiritual assignment: If you choose to show up for these universal assignments with and unconditional love and willingness to heal, then just wait and see and find out the many miracles that will be presented to you in the most beautiful and unexpected ways! The universe always delivers when we are willing. But if you are unwilling to show up for these assignments, you will stay stuck in the old stories and negative experiences from the past that do not serve you.

This is where you surrender it all to God, a higher power, the universe, your guides or angels. You let a power greater than yourself come in and take the wheel. Whenever you notice yourself going down the path of negative thinking or a negative story, get into the whole-brain position, take a few long deep breaths, think of a joyous occasion or memory. This helps to raise your vibration and change your negative thoughts. Listening to positive frequency sounds or listening to a guided Anything that comes into our minds that are negative need to be replaced with a positive. Kinda like a battery or a cell phone that needs to be charged... your own vibration gets lowered and you begin to spiral down versus up. These simple ways help keep you from spiraling down during a negative event. Be present for your feelings and quiet the mind helps us hear our inner wisdom and our guides.

Trust that the universe has your back. Trust that your mind can do powerful things. Trust in the ability of your breath and all it can do for you during a trigger or negative stress response. Trust that your body is a magical, self-healing machine that only you are the master of! If you need help being guided with any of these things, please reach out to me or set up a free discovery session.

Love and light,

Spirit Awakner

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