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What is Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy?

To understand Brown’s Gas, we must first understand hydrogen inhalation therapy. Just as the name implies, this therapy involves breathing in hydrogen gas at a low concentration of 1% to 4% via a nasal cannula (tube). While you can ingest hydrogen in other ways, like through water, hydrogen inhalation is the most efficient method, delivering molecular hydrogen directly to the blood. This makes the hydrogen immediately available to the rest of the body through blood circulation.

Hydrogen therapy is well-studied, with over 1,000 scientific studies suggesting a multitude of molecular hydrogen benefits in almost every organ in the human body. A few examples of benefits include:

  • Boosts to athletic performance

  • Anti-inflammatory effects

  • Neuroprotective support

  • Provides antioxidant-like effects, including neutralizing free radicals

What is Brown’s Gas?

Brown’s Gas is often compared to hydrogen therapy because it contains both hydrogen and oxygen. However, its concentration of molecular hydrogen is much higher at 66%, with the remaining 33% being oxygen. Brown’s Gas is also known as HHO and HydrOxy.

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