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Alternative Lyme treatments in Mexico!

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

In this blog post I am sharing images of my experience and the methods I had done in Mexico to beat Lyme Disease, mold illness, metal poisoning, Chiari malformation and bone degenerative issues. The service is amazing and the food at the cafe is to die for!You can eat anything off the menu if you suffer from any food sensitivities! My miracle place for healing!

What were the treatments I received? I had chelation, Ozone therapy, magnet therapy, sound radionic frequency healing, lymphatic massage, Ion cell cleanse foot detox bath and stem cell injections in the areas I have the most damage. Kinda cool how out of the box they are but man they work!!

Taking the road less traveled when I decided what path and direction to take when I was ready to take my illness by the horns and ride it as hard as I could ended up saving my l.ife and saving me money! Jumping off the human experiment train saved me!

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So awesome, although the IV's and needles and stuff make me so queezy!

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