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Mindfulness is our superpower.

People always dismiss the power of our minds. The power it can do when we give it back its power through mindfulness! People in chronic illness and mental illness communities discredit or always ask me how or why mindfulness is a superpower when I say "Mindfulness was my superpower". People, society and our medical system got us so used to needing a "thing" or a "pill", something outside opurselves for relief when we have it all within us. We were never shown or taught the power we all have for self healing. It is worth considering that mindfulness has been proven and shown to shift and transform various things within the body, from the wiring of our neural networks, pathways, to the secretion of our hormones. Some are intimidated by doing mindfulness work. Thinking its hard work. Many don't see the significiance in mindfulness or haven't really applied it. Even trhough it does seem like a simple practice, which it is but thanks to science we've been able to identify specific shifts in physiological function due to adding a mindfulness practice to your daily regime.

Did you know mindfulness can rewire the brain? There is so much evidence in the power of mindfulness and the ever-growing understanding of neuroplasticity. Scientific studies have shown that mindfulness practices can literally help rewire the brain and subconscious mind. When we practice mindfulness daily as part of our daily regimen and apply its associated virtues (such as gratitude and compassion), we reaffirm those mental pathways. patterns and networks. Over time, this helps raise our own vibration. Ignites our own healing frequencies. Reprograms the activity of the cells and helps reprogram our subconscious minds. This helps embody these virtues more deeply in our everyday lives.

If you've never tried mindfulness work, I highly suggest it. Just adding one or two 20-30 minutes a day like once at the beginning of your day and once towards the end of your day can do wonders. Listen to some calming, healing music or frequency sounds, or a guided meditation. Learn to tap out. This is how we honor our mind, body and soul. This is how you take your power back. Mindfulness is healing brain medicine!

May you find peace through the chaos of change. May you find peace in your mindfulness. Seek your authentic self and then share your light with the world!


Evangelia, aka Spirit Awakener

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