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Overcoming the Virus with heat, light,​ and frequency healing.

First off I'd like to acknowledge that I know the majority of people out there don't have the same knowledge and tools as I have. I have to give credit to my battle and fight with Lyme disease for this knowledge and for the tools I have.

I also would like to acknowledge that I never was diagnosed with the Coronavirus. Since I lack trust for our medical system from medical abuse I endured while living under many false diagnoses and their inaccurate testing here in America, I knew I would once again have to be my own healer. I did my own self body talk with applied kinesiology and discovered, yes, my body was fighting a new virus. I had all the symptoms. Dry cough (which, mind you, I've lived with chronic bronchitis since I was 15 so I know all the coughs lol) then I asked my body what it needed.

Because my best friend is a holistic practitioner, acupuncturist and frequency water specialist, I turned to her for my homeopathic route to beat this thing. I refused to go see an MD or go to the hospital. I learned my lesson the hard way when I had lyme. If I went in, I would have been tagged with the new virus and most likely been killed by their protocol. A ventilator could have suffocated someone like me. Now I know why people that have pre-existing health issues were in the hospitals like dying fish. I suffer from COPD and upper respiratory issues from growing up in a smoking household, becoming a smoker myself, being exposed to toxic mold and going undiagnosed from lyme. I was a perfect target for this new virus, cold, flu, whatever it was or is. All I knew was my body was sending me messages and alerts and I did not want to ignore them. And I did not want those people touching my body.

So what did I do to get myself through it? Many things!

1) My bestie gave me 3 homeopathic injections of:

- Echinacea comp

- Engystol

- Gripp

2) My bestie made me 2 separate imprinted frequency waters with:

- Lung and upper respiratory strengthening frequencies

- Immunity boosting with strains of the coronavirus along with EMF protection frequencies

3) Dry brushed my skin before sitting in my infrared sauna and used the gold light. I used my sauna once a day.

4) Steamed my face twice a day. I boiled water with:

- Orange peel

- White onion

- Garlic clove

- Pink salt

- Ginger

5) I'd follow each face steam with doing a warm salt water nasal rinse after.

6) I wore Lifewave Stem Cell activation Photon light therapy patches.

7) Only sipped on warm liquids

- Ginger tea

- Warm lemon water with honey and ginger

8) I used my foot detoxing system

9) I drank only raw pressed juice for 3 days

10) Coffee enema once a week

11) Water colonic every other day

- 4 cups of warm water

- 2 Tbsp baking soda

- dash of pink salt

Why the steams & nasal rinses---- Viruses can't survive in heat or dry surfaces. Doing the steams was breaking down and liquifying the mucus and killing anything in my mucus membranes and draining it with the rinses. Those kept everything from getting into my lungs.

Why the Stem Cell light therapy patches---- The light therapy activates the stem cells and directs them were to go and where they're needed. So for me they've been my back up treatment for my COPD when I can't get to Mexico for the real stem cells done by IV! Stem cells open up the breathing pathways and allow oxygen to pass through.

Why the sauna---- Viruses hate heat and light and its good to sweat out the yuckies.

Why the foot bath---- To keep my body detoxing and lymphatic system draining.

Why the coffee enema---- To produce my own glutathione and open up my detox pathways

Why the water colonic---- To keep my colon cleaned out as the virus was making me constipated.

Why the frequency waters----Quantum physics. The frequencies were used to reverse and harmonize my cells vibration. Any disruption in body, whether that be from emotions, toxins, a virus or pathogen, it has its own vibration. Everything in nature has its own signature frequency. I've has many waters made for many different things.


I am super grateful our president has revealed light therapy! Trump, whether you like him or not is changing our corrupted medical system that has kept us from real health care, real healing method and modalities. Turns out its what the good Dr's do...they are called Naturopath's. Due to the cabal, deep state and Bill Gates, America has fallen very, very far behind. They've blocked us from our cures when they exist in other countries. I pray we won't have to leave this country anymore to receive and afford holistic, alternative healing.....real healing. And maybe add insurance coverage for those too....doesn't hurt to wish for a good outcome! America needs off the " stay sick Management plan ". It's about time and way overdue.

Last, my heart bleeds for the elderly, those with poor health, living in toxic environments, low poverty areas and those with pre-exising health issues that have no knowledge or eduction on want they can do for themselves. Just like with the common cold or flu, those with issues will be the first to get hit and the first to go, if they don't have the right support system. I don't appreciate the hate and being called insensitive for not believing in the planned, false flag, fear narrative put out by out by our corrupted media, the globalist, the elite and the celebrities. I am not a sheeple and don't follow the herd. I find and make my own way. Living with Lyme does that to a person and the trauma our system has caused has allowed me to have no fear!

Please do your best to stay safe and grounded. I hope this can help at least one person out there. Whether it's for the new virus, a cold or the flu, natural remedies are the way!!

With Love and Light,


Evangelia aka Holistic Lyme Warrior, Truth seeker

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