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Welcome to Cellular Health & Beauty

Cellular Health & Beauty is a one stop shop for Holistic Cosmetology and Alternative Health that specializes in regenerative Health and Beauty on a cellular level with energetic, vibrational therapies and techniques.


Cellular Health & Beauty is a vibrational wellness space that offers a wholistic approach to address the mind, body and spirit. It is a safe place you can trust to help you get to the root cause and offer solutions for chronic pain, autoimmune issues, mental illness and most health and beauty concerns.

Come check us out and experience what vibrational therapies can do for your Health & Beauty!

Clinical Visit

clinical visit

Brown Gas Therapy

browns gas

 Haircuts for all ages

Hair Styling

Energy Psychology

IMG_0681.JPG energy psychology

Pulse PEMF Therapy

_edited.jpg, pemf pulsed electromagnetic field wellness, bemer mat

Photon Light Therapy

IMG_3232.JPG, photon light therapy

Waxing services

browns gas

Epigenetics/Root Cause

IMG_3233.PNG, epigenetics root cause

Red Light Bed Therapy

IMG_4018.JPG, red light bed

Ion Foot Detox

IMG-0291.jpg detox ionic foot bath

Vibrational Frequency Water

IMG_7130.JPG vibrational frequency water personalized

Healing Retreats

healing retreats orcas island san juans islands

Energy Vortex Experience

367F12D7-83AF-4AC1-851F-B3B919C74384.JPG, energy vortex experience orcas island san juan islands
natulique non toxic beauty hair makeup color Lifewave X39 patches glutathion Juuva anion emitter Novaa Red Light pro Beautyco
IMG_4060.jpg, health and beauty on a cellular level
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